Hotel Room Insomnia

So I’ve never really given this blogging thing a real shot. Sure I’ve got a Blogger account like everyone else (as well as your requisite trash like Friendster, MySpace, etc.), but it was always such a chore to blog. It wasn’t even all that fun when I was one of the hiptop/Sidekick toting crowd. It always lacked a little panache, a little flair, a little personality (unless you had the financial backing to afford the really pimping tools and services).

Anyway, so here I am. Round 3. iWeb, my trusty MacBook Pro, and a boring hotel room thousands of miles away from home. Not that there is anything particularly special about this night, nor was there anything particularly special about last night, and I doubt there will be anything special about tomorrow. I guess that’s why I never got the whole “I must blog my entire life” thing. Do I want to tell people what I ate for breakfast, or how good/bad my last bowel movement was? If you even care, I have serious concern for your well being. 🙂

Ok, perhaps today was a little abnormal. It’s not often you get up at the crack of dawn in a foreign city to catch a plane to another even more remote foreign city only to spend 5 times the amount of time waiting for the flight as opposed to actually flying.

Now there was an exercise in frustration! 7:25 AM flight, final arrival was a little after noon, total time in the air was about 45 minutes. I guess it could have been worse… I could have arrived on time and had to work all day! 🙂

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