One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Marie has been “subtly reenforcing” my need to eat healthier while I’m away on these business trips since it’s so easy to fall into the take-out trap.  So that’s fair, I agree, but what to eat in Texas that isn’t steak or Mexican food?

In my ever expanding series of “Where to eat when you’re stuck in Lubbock, Texas”, my travels now take me to the Rockfish Seafood Grill.  Nice small chain of seafood grills in the southwest.  Their signature Roasted Jalapeño Cream Soup was deliciously rich and hearty, though not very spicy as you might suspect.  The Sizzling Pecan Trout (pictured poorly above) was perfectly done.  Light, moist, and distinctly trout with the sweet nuttiness of pecan.  Standard sides of veggies and skillet potatoes were well seasoned and not over-cooked as is so common with single skillet cast iron cooking.  Wash it all down with a giant Texas sized stein of Shiner Bock, and a wedge of rich key lime pie (sacrilege, I scraped off the whipped cream topping) and I felt satisfied, guilty, and mildly distended.

In the part of the series I like to call “How to bilk your clients out of their $50 per diem”, total damage for my meal was $33 US after tax and tip.  And now to the washroom and gym to deal with the repercussions of such extravagance…

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