Growing Pains: iWeb Edition

So one of the big things that I’ve been struggling trying to wrap my mind around with this whole switch over to iWeb from .Mac’s Homepage is site organization. I just can’t figure it out. By default, sites are pretty much flat. With Homepage, I could pretty easily nest a site within a site, which led to really slick organization of things like photo galleries. With iWeb, I just don’t get it. Why all the trouble you ask? Well, if I have 10 photo albums, that navigation bar at the top is just going to become totally unusable.

What I’m trying to do now, because I think this is what they intend for me to do, is create a different site I’ll use exclusively for photo albums. I just need to figure out a slick way to link it back to the main site. For now, I’ll link to any new albums in a blog post (can you click on the picture above?). You can also access the galleries directly by going to It’s not the slickest, smoothest solution, but it will work for now. Any ideas on how to link this (attractively) on my main site? Ideally I’d love it up in the navigation bar…

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