A funny thing happened on the way home…

My laptop battery died. Worked just fine on the flight from Lubbock back to Dallas. I shut the laptop off in the plane before we landed, get into DFW, find a seat next to a power outlet, turn on my beloved MBP, and… No battery installed? WTF? So like an annoyed nerd, I fiddled with it my entire layover, sadly to no avail. So now I wait, forever tethered to the wall, for Apple to give me a new battery.

This leads me to my next thought, and reminder of why I’ve never cared for this whole blog thing in the first place: if you don’t blog regularly, you pretty much just don’t blog period. Thoughts back up and are forgotten, you lose focus, and you just keep letting it slide. It really is one of those things that you must keep doing with some regularity to ensure that you keep doing it. Like farting in moderation so you don’t spontaneously combust (reference: “Break Wind Theory of Spontaneous Combustion”, Randy Marsh, Super Science Guy, South Park, Colorado).

Now, it’s not that I couldn’t blog in this period where my beloved MBP is no longer very mobile, it’s just that I forgot. then I forgot again. Then I got busy and forgot some more. Then Marie reminded me. And reminded me. And reminded me. She reminds me a lot. I think she secretly wants me to write about her more. Little does she know I talk about her to coworkers and friends at nearly every opportunity I can find an appropriate reason to bring her up…

Anywho, thanks for the reminder baby! And for pestering me about going to the gym. And reminding me about getting a new job. And for the whole foot thing. And, well, just being you in general is pretty great. Oh lordy… turn off the gush filter already! Sorry if this makes anybody spontaneously.

Where was I? Oh right… I hate my job. Time to find a new one! Will I ever be happy in this industry?

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