Want it, Need it, Have it

At last! A Nintendo Wii has been obtained! And thankfully, I did not have to resort to Cartman-esque extremes of freezing myself to awake in the future when the Wii would actually be available (see “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII” from South Park, Season 11). Just had to wait 5 months with a subscription to good’ol ConsoleWatch. 🙂 Now, upon hearing of my receipt of the aforementioned elusive device, Marie was a little questioning as to the particulars of who was keeping it, and paying for it. Certainly, with all of the gadgets and toys I currently have, I wouldn’t have time for yet another frivolous expense. Anyway, this Wii is going to my brother, owned and paid for. I just happened to get it first.

That conversation, however, did spark an interesting point about needs vs. wants. Everyone has desires, both material and intangible. Often times, we confuse what we want with what we truly need (again, be that material or intangible). Those of you who have been in semi-abusive or continuously cycling up and down relationships should really note that distinction.

Anyway, where was I… Oh right. Off the top of my head, here’s a quick rundown of my wants/needs/haves currently.


  • A Nintendo Wii (come on, who DOESN’T want one??)
  • An Apple iPhone (come one, who DOESN’T want one??)
  • Authentic Mexican food (been craving since I left Texas…)


  • A new job, BADLY.
  • More sleep (see above)
  • To get in shape
  • A less expensive car (I love my MINI, but…)


  • Great family
  • Fantastic girlfriend
  • One of my dream cars
  • Beautiful girlfriend
  • Pretty good health
  • Loving girlfriend

Anyone else want to give it a shot?

(BTW: the above photograph is a picture of a very large mural made entirely of mint and strawberry flavoured Mentos… Mmmm… I could go for some Mentos freshness right now actually…)

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