Still leaping, both feet at a time

I’ve never been one to abide by the old axiom of “never leave one job before you have another”. In fact, I think many of my former Rogers cohorts have affectionately coined the exact opposite of that as “pulling a Patrick”. Now that was a legendary way to exit a company… Ah those were the days!

Now, six months later, who knew I’d find myself faced with the same decision. Leave now and risk it, or grin and bear it a little longer, and a little longer, and a little longer until something I comes along or until I go postal (or is that “go NASA” now? Too soon? Sorry…). It’s not that I dislike my company, it’s just that it isn’t a really good place to work, if that makes any sense. There are only so many 80-hour weeks, 24/7 on-call, and senseless spur of the moment travel requests that a human can take without feeling totally shafted and hung out to dry by the people he or she is supposed to be protected by. So nuts to them.

I’ve been itching to drop this bomb on them for a good two weeks. I just… couldn’t pull the trigger. Sure, some of my thunder was stolen by my buddy Ian who resigned right before Easter (bastard!), which made my timing a little awkward. But other than that, I just couldn’t do it.  I hope I’m not getting soft.

Thankfully, no Patrick need be pulled. I’m quite simply movin’ on up (and out)! More news to come once everything is finalized.

Now on to my ramblings on various events of the day…

  1. First of: GO RAPTORS GO. Gotta love the home team, and CB4 is just plain awesome. Sam Mitchell, Coach of the Year. Vince can go be a suck somewhere else (and for his contract year, he’s doing a real shatty job).
  2. Secondly, Melissa R so should have been the next Pussycat Doll. Filipino, hot, and talented. And hot. Yes baby, I said it.
  3. Third, I’m starting to like this new Bachelor fellow. He’s clearly got a case of the yellow fever! Sure he cut Amanda last week, but she totally couldn’t back up her claims of being a great storyteller. Oh well, two of the final six isn’t shabby at all!
  4. Fourth, I’m behind on my Heroes. Spoil it for me and I kill you.

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