Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is here! The only holiday that celebrates one of man’s greatest culinary condiments: Mayonnaise. Who knew that an emulsion of eggs and oil could create such a fantastically tasty, creamy, rich, wondrous spread that seems to go well in oh so many things. Beyond the typical use of spreading on sandwiches, good’ol mayo finds it’s way into desserts (mmm… filipino fruit salad), marinades (was I the only one who paid attention to that Hellmanian Chicken commercial from Hellman’s?), sauces (fish sticks just aren’t the same without some mayo-based tartar sauce!), and all the way up to the gourmet and chic sounded Aioli (fancy French garlic-mayonnaise). Today, dear mayo, my heart clogs for you…

Say what? This isn’t about Mayo? What the hell is the Battle of Puebla?? No one cares about that! Long live Mayo!

(btw: image is actually a shirt available from Busted Tees. 🙂

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