The long dark tea time of the soul…

That sure does sound cool doesn’t it? Very poetic. I really should get around to reading that book (Douglas Adams, circa 1989). It inspires reflection, peacefulness, and serenity. Ironically, the book is about a holistic detective agent in the future, and is sort of a comedic sci-fi humour as only Adams could properly write. But I digress, I’m a big fan. 🙂

It’s been a long time since my last update. A lot of flippity floppity floo has transpired. In summation:

  • I left my old, much hated job at Sigma Systems.
  • I started a much more career aspiring job at one of the "Big Four Auditors".
  • I went on vacation to Bermuda with 36 family members, and friends of the family. (This happened in my second week on the new job, ain’t that kickass?).
  • I went to see the MoMA with Marie when we were in NYC post-cruise.
  • I skidded my way around a race track at the MINI Challenge (how will I ever give up my beloved Squishy…).
  • We saw the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at 2 AM the night it opened to the public for a preview opening.
  • One of Marie’s best friends, Cherry, gave birth to her first child, Colyn.
  • One of my best friends, Katrina, and her BF both celebrated turning Dirty Thirty.
  • It was Father’s Day (uneventful on account of not being a father, knock on wood).

Ok, perhaps it wasn’t all that eventful. It was however, a good time to gain a little perspective. Endings, beginnings, the perpetual cycle of life. When you stop and look at what you’ve done and what you’ve seen, it’s pretty humbling. The world is just so big and so diverse, how can you let yourself be locked into something that makes you unhappy? So much to see and do…

One thing I did thankfully avoid in this time-span, however, was an elementary school reunion of my “gifted” PACE class. It’s not to say that I didn’t want to see everyone. Far from it. It’s just that, after further reflection, comparatively I just don’t feel I’ve accomplished a whole lot. Not married. No kids. Haven’t written a play, been published, moved to some far off country and saved whales, or lobbied the government for anything. What did I do of note? Uhh… I got Guitar Hero?

Hmmm… Perhaps I need more tea. Yes, that should do the trick…

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