Trading spaces

If you’ve found your way to read this blog, then you clearly are smart enough to have noticed that I’ve moved. Not a huge life altering change or anything, just rearranging all of my pages in an effort to make room for the main site I was putting up for my family. If you look up at your address bar, you’ll notice that I’m now nested underneath my very own domain name. 🙂 Yay! Welcome to nerd central.

Not interesting to anyone really but myself, but my fantasy draft was held yesterday and I think I did alright for having the 8th pick out of 10 teams. Let’s see if I can defend that hard earned league championship from later season. Here’s my roster…

Coopers Troopers

  1. (8) Frank Gore
  2. (13) Maurice Jones-Drew
  3. (28) Larry Fitzgerald
  4. (33) Drew Brees
  5. (48) Reggie Brown
  6. (53) Santana Moss
  7. (68) Jason Witten
  8. (73) Marshawn Lynch
  9. (88) Eli Manning
  10. (93) Wes Welker
  11. (108) Terry Glenn
  12. (113) Donte’ Stallworth
  13. (128) Brandon Jackson
  14. (133) Alex Smith
  15. (148) Green Bay
  16. (153) Olindo Mare

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