My E61i Payload

Below is a list of the additional software that I have installed on my
Nokia E61i to make it the portable computing extension that I so covet.  These are applications that I consider must-have for my own uses.  YMMV.  This is not a definitive list, and I will revisit it frequently as I use the device more and more.

Updated: October 11, 2007

BlackBerry Connect: Considering the E-series is aimed at enterprise users, and the E61i has that big QWERTY thumb board right on the front, you can tell email is what the device is for.  I went with BlackBerry Connect because I have experience with the BlackBerry platform, and it is carrier supported so I don’t need to go find a third-party Exchange host.  I just wish I could send PIN messages through it to other BlackBerries… [Free, but requires service from your carrier.]

Kind of a no-brainer since v3.85 comes preinstalled on all E61i’s (all E-series devices?  N’s too?).  I have however upgraded to v4.5 which adds QuickPoint, a PowerPoint-compatible presentation software package, as well as numerous performance improvements.  Even for light document usage, it’s a must-have. [v3.85: free/bundled.  v4.5: ~$30 if you upgrade via QuickManager.]


TypePad: The mobile client for mobile blogging and some basic blog management for here. 🙂 [Free, but requires a TypePad account]

Opera Mini:
The mini version (not to be confused with the mobile version) of the venerable desktop browser of the same name does a remarkable job at taking the internet and cutting out all of the bandwidth sucking crap that makes web pages so big.  The result?  A quicker downloading, mobile friendly (ok, friendlier, it’s still not perfect) web experience that is easier on the pocketbook for those of us who have to pay high costs per KB to our carriers for wireless data. [Free.  Be sure to check out the latest beta version.]

Conversation: Currently in beta form from Nokia’s appropriately named Beta Labs, Conversation is a threaded SMS application that takes your SMS text messages and displays them much more like an instant messenger would, and organizing them into conversations by person.  I guess they hit the nail on the head with that name, eh? [Free.]

SMS Export: Pretty simple app with a very simple purpose.  This let’s you export all of your SMS messages so that you can save them onto you computer.  Useful for holding onto memorable conversations. [Free.]

Log Export: Just like SMS Export (above), but allows you to export your calling history into a CSV file. [Free.]

Nokia Podcasting: Nokia certainly has a knack for naming their applications after what they do in a pretty blunt manner don’t they?  This is a podcasting client which allows you to subscribe, download, and play podcasts right from your device.  The coupe de gras?  It can even be scheduled to download on its own! [Free.]

Nokia Maps: For all the gadget goodness that is GPS, there is an incredibly annoying hidden cost to owning a stand-alone GPS device: purchasing maps.  It’s something you don’t even think about when shopping for them, and certainly not disclosed other than what regional map is included with the device, but purchasing additional maps can cost up to 50% of the device itself!!  Nokia Maps is quite simply a GPS-enabled mapping application just like those you would find on a Garmin or TomTom device.  The bonus?  It’s free, and you can download all the maps that your memory card can hold (which is currently more than the E61i can even support)!  Now all you need is a Bluetooth GPS receiver. [Free, but requires either built-in GPS, or a Bluetooth GPS receiver.]

Screenshot: Simple application that lets you take screenshots of applications running on your phone. [Free.]

Handy Taskman: Unknown to many users, but Series 60 has had a built-in task manager from the very beginning. You simply hold down the Symbian Menu swirly key until it pops up.  Simple, yet effective.  Too simple for any power user though.  Handy Taskman offers a much more powerful task manager that also lets you reopen recently used programs, and displays a fair amount of system information about the available memory on your device.  Invaluable stuff to know.  Not the cheapest, but I’m happy with it.  Best Taskman is another option (and cheaper on its own), but it would never run on my E61i for some unknown reason. [$19.95 on it’s own, but only $17.95 bundled with Handy Alarm and Handy Keylock as part of Epocware’s Handy Essentials bundle.]

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