Canucks get free HD-DVDs too!

Rejoice fellow nerdy Canadians!  If you still haven’t picked a side in this supposed HD format war and are an Xbox 360 owner, there is now little reason to not jump into bed with the HD-DVD folks.  "The Perfect HD Offer" which was launched in the US was recently extended and announced to be expanded into the UK.  What was either not announced or announced very quietly is that the deal has also finally be expanded to Canada!  I think this went live some time last week, but quite hush hush even on Major Nelson.  Odd.

In the $200 Canadian package, you get the USB-connecting Toshiba HD-DVD drive, the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote, and a copy of Peter Jackson’s King Kong in HD-DVD.
Now with the Canadian incarnation of "The Perfect HD Offer", you get to
mail away for 5 free HD-DVDs (well, you also have to chip in $10 for
shipping).  The unfortunate thing is it’s a pick list of movies, and
not each grouping is so hot…  Take a gander.

Category A: Babel – Aeon Flux – Freedom Writers
Category B: The Hulk – Pitch Black – The Thing
Category C: TMNT – Full Metal Jacket – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Category D: The Frighteners – U2: Rattleand Hum – Firewall
Category E: Syriana – Black Rain – Darkman

I guess I’d have to go with Aeon Flux (mmm… Charlize Theron…), Pitch Black, Full Metal Jacket, and…  really not sure about categories D and E.  I’ll throw darts or something.

Still, that’s a total of 6 free HD-DVD movies.  Not too shabby!  If only Best Buy in Canada was throwing in Heroes Season One on HD-DVD as well.  Lucky Americans

The Canadian rebate form can be found at

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