Letting the cat out of the bag

It’s October 25th, which means one day  until Apple releases the latest incarnation of its fantastic Mac OS X into the wild; Leopard (aka. Mac OS X v10.5).  I’ve got a family pack preordered for day of delivery, so I can already tell you my weekend is scheduled for a whole lot of Mac upgradin’ (as well as some GH3 :).

The early reviews are in, and no surprise they are quite glowing.  Tiger was already an exceptional and mature OS, so to deliver and improve upon it is a feat unto itself.  Over 300 new features, big and small.  Apple has thankfully listed and categorized all of them over here.  So much to look forward to in the new OS that I don’t even know where to begin geeking out about it!


  • Time Machine
  • Completely revamped Mail
  • FrontRow and PhotoBooth for all
  • New iChat with PhotoBooth effects, iChat Theater, Tabbed Chat, etc.
  • Improved iCal interface and CalDEV support (!!!)
  • All new Finder paradigm
  • "Back to My Mac" remote file retrieval
  • Quick Look
  • Spaces (ala Xwindows virtual desktops)
  • Natively 64-bit and multi-core aware to eight processor cores (Oh if only I had a Core 2 Duo instead of an original Core Duo! <tears!> )

<panting> Ok, I need to calm down before the wifey makes me take a timeout…

Check out this video review from Uncle Walt over at the Wall Street Journal.

I’ll let you know how the upgrade goes tomorrow and if I run into any incompatibilities or issues through the weekend.  Happy Mac’ing, and prayers to all of those affected by the current California wildfires.

More links to reviews after the break…

Reviews aplenty:

One thought

  1. Looking at the finalized specs for Leopard, looks like the ancient iMac DV I’ve got will finally no longer cut the proverbial mustard. The 15″ iMac LCD is also pretty close to not making the cut!

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