Handango’s Free App Friday – 11/09

For my fellow S60 smartphone fans out there, Handango is giving away copies of Lonely Cat Games’ LCG Jukebox as part of their "Free App Fridays".  I’ve never used the application, but LCG does put out some highly regarded software (particularly their email client, ProfiMail).  And who honestly turns down $25 off a $25 piece of software? 😉  Worth checking out.

From their product description:

LCG Jukebox is a music player for mobile devices designed to fit the
needs of even the most advanced music enthusiast. Excellent sound
quality, user-friendly playlist management, easy music selection and
internet streaming are just a few of the perks this feature rich
application has to offer. As an added plus, LCG Jukebox will search the
internet for the album cover artwork and song lyrics. LCG Jukebox takes
it one step farther by allowing the user to watch the lyrics as the
song is playing. You’ll know all the words to a song in no time!

Features include:

  • Radio Station Manager
  • Sleep Timer
  • 10-band Equalizer
  • Easy to manage playlists
  • Optional lyrics display during song play
  • Integrated file browser


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