Rock greatness, thy name is ROCK BAND

I’ve been a looooooooong time addict of Harmonix‘s particular brand of rhythm video games.  Guitar Hero II is still in heavy play rotation on my 360 (and I’m getting better), I’m about to buy Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, I’m trying to think of a compelling case to let me buy a fatty iPod Nano or iPod Classic to play their new game Pulse, and I’ve got lots of great memories playing the little known PlayStation gems that were Frequency and Amplitude (think Guitar Hero sans guitar controller, and each note/fret was a different instrument in the track).  Like many, the split of developer Harmonix from publisher Activision which left Activision with the rights to the Guitar Hero franchise was a little puzzling for me.  What would Harmonix do next?

Of course, the answer to that question was to take all of their previous experience with Guitar Hero and crank the volume up to 11 with Rock Band.  As a GH faithful, I have continually had my doubts as to whether of not I wanted to pony up the cash for yet another crazy rhythm game that needed even more instrument controllers to reach full potential.  Then today, and article interviewing many Harmonix staff was published that contained this morsel of nerdly rock god news that has me chomping at the bit to buy Rock Band.


Senior Designer Dan Teasdale:
“The Band World Tour is open-ended so you can go around and play any
cities or venues you want, but we do have a lot of special events at
the end that you can play. Like we have the big one which is the
endless set list where you can play all the songs back to back. It’s
like a six-hour marathon of playing everything in the game. Because
it’s a marathon, we do give you something really cool at the end of it…
But I can’t tell you what it is yet.”

Wait wait WAIT.  Did I just read that right?  A continuous, back to back, six-hour marathon set???   Oh the family Christmas party is going to be soooooooooo much fun this year… 😉

You can read the full article at the MTV Multiplayer blog.

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