HE said, SHE said: The stories of our engagement

So in the nearly two weeks that Marie and I have been officially betrothed to one another, we have quite deftly avoided telling our proposal story to too many people in the hopes that we could write it out here and just point to it as a reference to our proposal.  Yes, it’s been a long time coming this story, but I think both versions were well worth the wait.

You’d better adjust your work calendars now to set aside a good chunk of time to pour over these.  To say they’re long isn’t doing it justice.  Anyone who has read any of my writing will probably be aware of the verbosity.  I’ll estimate your productivity loss at about an hour.  Enjoy!

Patrick’s version: "So this is how MY story goes…"
Marie’s version: "It was just another ordinary day…or so I thought…"

NB: Marie told me to put my side first.  Feel free to read them in any order!

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