Paul Potts surprise concert in Toronto

Paul Potts just finished a surprise concert in Toronto at the First Canadian Place’s Waterfall Stage.  The concert was part of a contest from EZ 97.3 FM’s morning show.

I recorded the full concert (about half an hour) on my E61i, and will try to have the video uploaded shortly.  It’s kinda big at the moment…  Well worth standing in the crowd and burning my shoulders holding a phone above everyone’s head for 30 minutes. 😉

Update 1: A Toronto Star photographer found my little setup interesting enough to
take a picture of my phone and my hand and put it in the newspaper.  I guess he found it interesting that 15-20 people behind me were watching my phone since they couldn’t see over the crowd.  My
2 seconds of internet geek fame!  View the article and be sure to watch the video slideshow.  Can’t miss my big honkin’ phone. 

Update 2: Here come the videos!

More videos to come after the jump.

Here is part two of the video.

And the encore of Nessum Dorma in part three.

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