From Black Friday to Blu-Satur-Ray

Well, Walmart sure isn’t playing favorites in this increasingly tedious high-def format war.  First they had the $99 Toshiba HD-DVD player sale which saw 90,000 units sell out in no time flat.  Now they’re pushing something just as big for the other side of the Red vs. Blu line.

Starting at 8 AM Saturday morning, Walmart (I’m assuming this is a US only sale, grrrr….) will be giving customers who purchase an PlayStation 3 80 GB an additional 10 Blu-Ray movies for free.  Yes free.  The prices for the additional movies will be zeroed out at the register.  The only caveat is that the movie have a list price under $30.  This is in addition to the mail-in offer for 5 free movies from a preselected list of choices (meh).

So there you have it.  Spend $500 on a PS3, get $300 worth of movies on Blu-Ray, plus a few more by mail.  Not too shabby, though still a lot more money to shell out than $99 for an HD-DVD player.

Say…  Whatever happened to, you know…  Using the PlayStation 3 to play GAMES???  Sony needs to get on that, stat.

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