“The Gadgeteer” likes the E61i too

I’ve been a long time reader of The Gadgeteer dating back to my ancient PalmPilot Pro and Handspring Visor days in university (I even had a Visor Phone attached to my Prism!  Tres nerd!).  It’s amazing how far gadget technology has come since then, but you can truly tell a person is passionate when they’ve been writing about it consistently for the past decade.  That’s Julie Strietelmeier (aka. "The Gadgeteer") for you.

A current iPhone user who has been looking for some other smartphone options to get over some deficiencies in Apple’s uber-phone, she recently stuck her toes in the Symbian waters with the Nokia E61i (my current nerd phone as well).  Low and behold, she likes it!  Can’t wait for the full review to see if she has the same cheers and jeers as I do over the largely solid device.

I guess those nutty folk over at Wired weren’t totally crazy in giving an Editor’s Choice award to a phone not even offered by any North American carrier… 🙂

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