A game of broken Blogophone

Darius Monsef over at YoungGoGetter.com and COLOURlovers.com has written probably the best and most insightful blog post on blogging that I’ve ever read.  It is a sordid tale of a simple scientific research story about colour changing paint that gets blown out of proportions in an incredible case of blogosphere broken telephone that leaves poor Nissan in the middle.  Simply excellent story.  Must read.

And a word to you, dear reader; always be wary of what you read on the interweb.  Blogs and other non-traditional news media are quite quick to jump on a story and editorialize, it’s very easy for the real story to get lost amongst the rest of the noise.  Unless it’s from the horse’s mouth, take everything with a big tablespoon of salt.

Now…  I’m off to finish my story on how Apple’s new iHome will integrate with the iTunes store and let you download new recipes for it to cook you.  Simple amazing! 😉

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