Xbox Live Video Marketplace coming to Canada!

From the "took them damn long enough" file, even more news out of Microsoft today which confirms that the Xbox Live Video Marketplace will finally be coming to us poor, underserved Canadians!  December 11th, at 12:01 AM PST (damn west coasters…).  Doesn’t look like any TV shows are being launched initially, and this is quite likely a distribution issue with all of our Canadian networks.  Not sure when that’s going to change as even the iTunes Store, which has been in Canada for what seems like eons now, still is without any decent video content.

So while we aren’t getting any TV shows in either HD or even SD, we are at least getting Movie downloads.  37 of them.  And yes, none of them particularly stands out as anything that makes me want to buy Microsoft Points, spend them on video content, and wait an hour or so for the whole thing to download, but I’m a glass is half full kind of guy.  I hope that some of the "over 300 movies" that will roll into the Marketplace in the coming months show some more interesting flair (where’s 300 in HD for cryin’ out loud??).

Oh, and the pricing?  Library titles will go for 310 point for SD, 460 points for HD.  Current titles will go for 460 points for SD, and 610 points for HD.  Hmmm…  I guess this is yet another place we won’t be seeing our Loonie at par with the Greenback, eh?

<sigh> I’ll just keep reminding myself that the glass is half full…


The full article, Q&A, and a list of movies that will be available initially is on the Xbox site.

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