Wedding Show season in Toronto

Ahh, January…  With everyone happily into the new year and recovering from the holidays, we find ourselves thrust right into the heart of Wedding Show season here in the Tdot.  Without fail, there is a different show each and every weekend the entire month.

I guess it makes sense though.  In my journey to buy the engagement ring, I did learn that a disproportionately large number of people get engaged either around the holidays (Christmas to New Year’s) or around Labour Day compared to the rest of the year.  I can understand the holiday engagements – a "family" time of year, often people get time off/vacations from work, things generally slow down a bit, can start the new year off fresh – but Labour Day?  Really?  Trying to bring someone home for Thanksgiving?  I just don’t get that one.

Anyhow, on my way to the International Bowl with my brother and dad last Saturday, we passed in front of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and wow…  That’s a lot of prospective brides.  Interestingly, I saw a lot of to-be-brides there without their fiancee.  Coincidentally, there were a ton of blokes at the game.  Perhaps they were selling ticket bundles; 1 International Bowl Seat + 1 Admission to Canada’s Bridal Show. 🙂

We did not end up going to that show as Marie was working all weekend, but that still leaves three more for the month!  We won’t hit all three, but likely two of them.

…  They could have been more original with the names…

One thought

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