My Review: The Wedding Show 2008

Now this is what I like in a trade show of any kind!  Lots of really well laid out and ornate booths, fantastic venue, plenty of stuff to sample/touch/taste, and just high-end enough to keep the riff-raff out and at the bigger shows. 😉  Seriously, if you want to actually stop and TALK to your prospective vendors, this is the show to go to.  And when you leave be sure to ask for a button so you can come back later in the weekend!


If you are familiar with The Carlu, you know how instantly gorgeous
the space is.  The show itself occupied most of the venue with the
exception of the sitting room and the theatre space.  Both the Sky Room
and Round Room were filled from wall to wall with music, flowers,
cakes, and Apple computer products (I lost count at 6 iMacs, 10
assorted laptops, and a handful of Apple Cinema displays; inner Mac
nerd at work, sorry).  There were plenty of other vendors for things we
weren’t particularly focused on this time out, including a rather
entertaining piano man, and some very delectable candy displays.  And
the Jamie Kennedy boys were there for a short period on opening night
shucking fresh (and free!) oysters!  Mmm…  I should have indulged
more, but alas, wedding planning stops for no one.  I believe the live
food entertainment tomorrow will be supplied by Bonnie Gordon’s Cake
Decorating School.

Our checklist for the night however was three-fold.  We needed to scope out:

  1. Invitations
  2. Cakes
  3. Photographers

I tend to be a "think with your stomach" kind of guy, so naturally
the first thing I gravitated towards were the lovely baker’s with their
samples of mini cupcakes.  Oh so glad we didn’t eat much dessert for
dinner, because the buttercream indulgence was about to kick in!  I
have convinced Marie into a cupcake cake display instead of a
traditional tiered cake, so we quickly eliminated/ignored the baker’s
who did big cakes predominantly with one exception (I’ll get to that in
a bit).

I’ve listed the baker’s we sampled/are interested in on the left
navigational bar if you care to peruse them for yourself.  Short of
giving away all the inner machinations of our minds, here is what I
recommend you try to sample if you go to the show this weekend.

  • LPK: Marie loved the chocolate with chocolate buttercream and
    sugar snowflake.  All very well decorated and tasty (I loved the
    pumpkin seed brittle)
  • Yummy: Lemon mini cupcake has a custard/jelly filling under the
    buttercream!  Was really nice and lemony without being either too sweet
    or too tart.
  • Flourgirls: Boo, nothing to eat left! 😦  Wonderful looking display
    though, and most clever name since an old retail customer told me she
    was a seamstress at "Sew What?".
  • Dufflet: Ok, no cupcakes here, but those slices of Dufflet Golden
    Cake were delicious!  If I could be swayed away from cupcakes, that
    would be a heavenly choice.
  • Patricia’s:  Dolce du leche buttercream.  I think I can stop right there.  YUM.

This is making me hungry…  I better move on.

With respect to priorities, invitations really are our next big
thing.  Marie and I already have a pretty good idea of what we want and
who we want to deal with.  There were quite a few vendors there, so all
manner of tastes should quite easily be satisfied.  Our top three
(which we figured going in anyway), in no particular order:

  • boda shop: Really fun, yet elegant and modern designs.  A lot of things that feel very "us".
  • Love the Card: Really lovely designs, very modern looking and
    classy.  Love the multi-textural touches with fabrics and
    embellishments like that.
  • Sweet Peony Press: Still doing things the old fashioned (and
    gorgeous!) way with individually hand made letterpress.  Online photos
    do them very little justice.  These need to be seen and felt to really
    be understood.  I’d LOVE to get one of these in the mail for someone’s

Lastly, we really need to get to booking a photographer since these
guys book up fast and are such an important part of the memory.
But…  the buttercream…  We didn’t really do a lot of research on
the photographers out there before showing up, so we think a return
visit tomorrow is in order after doing a little leg work of our own.
If you see your name on the left, you’ll be sure we’re visiting you
tomorrow! 😉

3 thoughts

  1. Patrick, this is Andreas of andreasphoto. I noticed some traffic from your blog today and decided to read it – how awesome is that! I think you should send the link to catherine lash, the coordinator of The Wedding Show, I know that she would love to read this – your critique was bang on, right on the money. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had a booth set up the last two years, but this year 2008 booked up quite fast – I only have a few more dates, and I decided not to go in this time. I think that this show was the biggest and busiest ever, and I was there on Friday night to check it out, and you are right, it was very well laid out..the best ever.
    So, if you were looking for me because I’m on her site, then you know why you didn’t find me. You can however visit my site and email me if you’re interested in my work.
    Thanks for the blog, it’s well done.

  2. I miss going to wedding shows. Although I am already married I try to convince my newly engaged friends that I should tag along with them.
    I enjoyed reading your review on the Wedding Show. I have been to the Carlu many times as we hold conference at this venue. It’s a beautiful space.
    If you are looking for cupcakes, try – miQ bought me cupcakes from them for my 30th birthday. They were really yummy. I’ll post up a picture on my blog.
    BTW – I know Andreas who just posted a comment before me – he was our photographer!

  3. I was just at my friend’s wedding this past June and she gave her bridesmaids the nicest pearl earrings from Premium Pearl. I thought the gift was so thoughtful and definitely something oh which everyone will get plenty of use! If you haven’t already bought your gifts for the girls, definitely check out the website!

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