Mass Effect DLC coming: Bring on the Batarians!

Yeah, I’m a video game geek.  My last addiction has really been to Mass Effect.  While I haven’t picked it up at all since finally hitting 1000/1000 Gamerscore and completing all four romantic subplots (Ashley was a tough one, I screwed it up a couple of times and kept ending up with Liara), I still occasionally catch myself wanting to jump in again and throw up a Singularity and snipe the now floating baddies.


Now comes word from Bioware and the Xbox team that there will be new downloadable content coming on March 10!!  Entitled "Bring Down the Sky", the new DLC adds a new planet to explore and quest through, and finally introduces us to the not at all friendly Batarians.  If you read the books, these are generally not a nice bunch of people.  So new DLC, new race, new planet, and a shiny new 50 point Achievement?  My 400 Microsoft Points are SOOOO there.

Link: | Xbox LIVE Marketplace – "Bring Down the Sky" Download.

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