Keeping tabs on Toronto traffic from your BB

Ah, Toronto in the spring…  Just like the first snowfall of
winter, the advent of warm, sunny weather in Toronto invariably means
that all Toronto drivers instantly lose their minds and forget how to
drive.  Couple that with Toronto’s two seasons (winter, and road
construction), and that’s a recipe for long, frustrating commutes in

My recent return to the world of BlackBerries (which I’ll blog about
later) has fortuitously also given me the freedom of just using data
whenever the heck I want, so I’ve been searching for cool new uses for
my BB.  And sure enough, from the most unlikely source, here’s a damn
cool one:  TrafficEye, from The Weather Network.  Yes, the 24-7 TV weather channel has a killer mobile application, and it has nothing to do with weather (though there is a WeatherEye application too).

From your BlackBerry or supported mobile phone (only Rogers/Fido phones, but any carrier’s BB), you have access to the following.

  • Real Time Traffic Flow for the Greater Toronto Area
  • Details of scheduled incidents (e.g. construction, road closures etc.) and unscheduled incidents (e.g. accidents, congestions etc.)
  • Traffic Speed
  • Camera images for your route

That’s pretty freaking awesome.  And it’s FREE.  You do get what you pay for though, as the navigating around the application is pretty clunky.

PS: I love the splash screen disclaimer that says "Do not use
while driving"!  I guess we can all consider Toronto at rush hour is NOT driving.  🙂

Link: The Weather Network – Mobile – TrafficEye.

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