Did someone say CUPCAKE?

DSC01901, originally uploaded by everythingsablur.

One of the real tragedies and hardships
of wedding planning truly must be the sampling of baked goods. I
wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. In fact, as a sign of good will
towards all of my foes, I hereby volunteer to sample all of the bakers
you might be interested in for your catered functions and will report
back to you on who’s the Cooking Mama, and who’s been swigging too much dirty dishwater. … Please?

what a gluttonous weekend (building of course on last weekend’s even
more gluttonous weekend). Marie and I, charging mouth first into our
wedding planning duties, decided to scout out and scarf down a few (…
nearly 20) of these pint-sized morsels from a half dozen reputed
cupcake shops around Toronto. Some were surprising, some were
disappointing, but every last scrap was eaten and discussed.

what did we learn? Buttercream is still king, frosting is a close
second, and cream cheese is better on bagels. Fresh fruit is a risky
proposition. Cupcakes are an international language (every baker we
visited was of a different ethnic background, which was pretty cool).
You can never have too many cupcakes. And Burger King is not good mid-day snacking when you’re feasting on cake.

Clear winners and losers? Yes and yes. I’m not telling though. Those cupcakes are MINE! MWuahahahaha…

You can, however, look through some of the pictures on my Flickr set.  Prepare to drool!

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