The first step is always the hardest…

Pain, struggle, effort, and shame. That pretty much sums up my first attempt to prepare myself for my nutty family’s plan to run a half-marathon/marathon together. That was decidedly not fun

Still, it was a good feeling overall. I know I’m out of shape. I know I have a long, hard road ahead. And I know things will get better and easier, but not without a little suffering along the way.

10 things I learned today:

  1. Pavement sucks.
  2. Adidas MiCoach is pretty cool, but did have an inexplicable hiccup along my run now that I review the data (I ran 720km/h for 2 minutes?)
  3. I need to learn to run. Initially I was going to say learn to run at varying paces, but I have to be honest… I’ve always played sprint sports; I never learned to run.
  4. Heart rate monitors are cool
  5. As suspected, I should not run through puddles in my new Reeboks (vents straight through the sole)
  6. Lululemon running clothes are fantastic. What I’ve been using as my snowboarding base layer is really their fantastic long sleeve tech short. The matching shorts are very comfy too; love the built in compression shorts.
  7. Resourcing Pooling is cool (sorry, was in a Microsoft Project training class today, though I have little interesting in the field)
  8. Office snacking: Green tea (steeped for quite a while) with one milk and one sweetener is apparently how I like my tea, and Golden Oreos are almost as good as regular Oreos (which is to say, awesome)
  9. Avoid Wikipedia if you don’t want to spoil TV/movie adaptations for yourself. Don’t worry, I still ❤ you Game of Thrones (and am tempted to read the books)… Sean Bean should play Boromir/Ned Stark in every movie.
  10. Canadians are fed up with elections, Harper is doing a good job in many eyes (and votes), Jack Layton is tremendously charismatic, Ignatieff is (surprisingly) a gracious loser, and you have to wonder if separatism is dead…

Featured Photo by John Foxx

One thought

  1. Welcome back to blogging! I thought I was the only weird one who added milk to green tea. I like having almond milk with David’s Tea Toasted Walnut. Also I’m so into Oreos these days. My mom sent me several different Oreo packs and my favorite is the peanut butter ones.

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