Fire-sale Tablets are Awesome!

Testing the webOS WordPress app on my new $99 HP TouchPad. Finally, a full featured mobile blogging app! Nice as the BlackBerry app was, I just never wanted to type anything on there. A tablet feels more reasonable for long text entry and formatting.

This hardware and operating system are really quite nice. Forgetting for a minute that this was $99, I can really see how it had potential… If only HP didn’t kill it off and Palm had more time to clean up the rough edges. Thankfully, webOS has been around for a while and has a really strong and active homebrew community who have done a lot of work cleaning up some of HP’s poorer configuration decisions (namely way too much logging, underclocked CPU).

If you scored yourself a TouchPad on the cheap, check out the webOS Internals team’s work at WebOS Internals Wiki. With their great instructions, I had patched up all of the overlogging and overclocked my CPU to a more respectable speed in maybe 15-20 minutes. Games and graphics play great!

Featured Photo Credit: Tom Rafferty

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