Complete overhaul and rebirth in the works

Like so many things in life, the unexpected is more the norm than what you have all planned out. Life takes turns you can’t anticipate, and your best laid plans lie in ruins. Since I last really looked at this space, I think Marie and I must have moved twice, bought into the conversion of two 100+ year old churches, each changed jobs at least once (as well as my generally being unemployed for a stretch), hiked through the Andes, “ran” a half marathon, and flown a whole hell of a lot more than I really thought I ever would. So much for plans, right?

As this blog has long since been pretty much abandoned as a personal writing space, I’m going to give it a complete graphical overhaul, domain name move, and change up the format to writing about the things which really seem to interest me (i.e. the things Marie sees me constantly surfing and endlessly researching): travel, photography, phones/gadgets, and the occasional video game. I hope to put up both written and maybe even some video reviews of gear/games/locations in the coming months. In fact, I already have a four way “one bag” luggage shoot out in the works!

I’ll will likely archive much of the old crap on the blog, save for some of the more interesting posts. I did enjoy reading through the engagement story again, some 5+ years later…

Stay tuned… or not. I figure I’m mostly writing to/for myself anyway. 🙂

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